Birth Injury to Mother

Our lawyers have represented young women who have been severely injured, or even died, during the birthing process.

The following are some common fact patterns for Birth Injury to Mother medical malpractice cases:

  • Obstetrician did not diagnose abnormal placement of placenta resulting in 32-year-old Mother’s death from bleeding.
  • 29-year-old Mother and her baby both die from undiagnosed and untreated pre-eclampsia.
  • After delivery, 34-year-old Mother had symptoms of shortness of breath, high blood pressure and leg swelling, but doctors did not diagnose and treat her condition of eclampsia resulting in her death.
  • After delivery, physicians did not diagnose Mother’s Amniotic-Fluid Embolism resulting in Mother’s death.
  • During Cesarean Section delivery, Anesthesiologist and CRNA allowed Mother’s blood pressure to remain dangerously low causing brain damage, multi-system organ damage and death one day later.

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