Hospital Nursing Injuries

Our lawyers have represented patients injured from hospital nursing negligence.

The following are some common fact patterns for injuries from hospital nursing negligence:

  • Nurses did not monitor 60-year-old intensive care unit patient’s glucose level resulting in stroke and brain damage.
  • Nurses’ delay in responding to broken ventilator alarm resulted in 66-year-old patient sustaining brain damage from lack of oxygen.
  • Hospital allowed psychiatric patient to commit suicide despite being on suicide watch.
  • Nurse misunderstood doctor’s order and gave 10-year-old patient One Hundred times the dose ordered resulting in death.
  • Nurses allowed IV to leak into back of 45-year-old patient’s hand resulting in permanent nerve damage.
  • Nurses did not adequately clean tracheostomy tube, which became plugged with 23-year-old patient’s mucus resulting in brain damage from lack of oxygen.
  • Nurse used Adult IV pump on Newborn in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit resulting in fluid overload, brain bleed and permanent brain damage.
  • Nurse did not promptly call doctor when 66-year-old patient’s heart rate rapidly increased with drop in blood pressure resulting in cardiopulmonary arrest, ineffective resuscitation attempt and death.

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