Laboratory, Radiology and Cardiac Catheterization Lab Error Injuries

Our lawyers have represented patients injured from mistakes made in the laboratory, radiology suite and the Catheterization Lab.

The following are some typical fact patterns for these kinds of cases:

  • Laboratory mixes up biopsy samples leading to misdiagnosis of cancer in 38-year-old leading to unnecessary cancer treatment.
  • During needle biopsy procedure, Radiologist poked hole in major artery leading to 42-year-old’s death from hemorrhage.
  • 55-year-old died when coronary artery was perforated during cardiac catheterization with stenting.
  • 58-year-old’s early stage lung cancer shown, but not diagnosed in chest x-ray, developed to Stage IV resulting in death.
  • Radiologist misdiagnosed 30-year-old’s Pulmonary Embolism as Pneumonia resulting in failure to give blood thinner medication and subsequent fatal Pulmonary Embolism.

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