Medication Mistakes

Our lawyers have represented individuals injured from medication mistakes.

The following are some common fact patterns for people injured from medication mistakes:

  • Rehabilitation Doctor overmedicated 78-year-old with Morphine resulting in cardiopulmonary arrest and brain damage.
  • Fentanyl and Propofol given to 36-year-old for minor procedure, but when doctor and nurse did not notice patient begin having difficulty breathing, intubation delayed leading to permanent brain damage.
  • Doctor improperly gave epidural injection resulting in paraplegia.
  • Doctor prescribed wrong antibiotic for 56-year-old patient’s infection leading to spread of infection and destruction patient’s heart valves.
  • Doctor did not monitor 68-year-old patient’s blood thinner levels resulting in brain bleed and death.
  • Doctor did not monitor 55-year old’s blood thinner levels resulting in large stroke.
  • Nurse misunderstood doctor’s order, gave 10-year-old child dose one hundred times too strong, and caused child’s death.
  • 60-year-old hospital patient given medication despite known allergy resulting in death by suffocation.
  • 72-year-old man with multiple medical problems on Coumadin (blood thinner) goes to primary care doctor with bleeding. Doctor gives Vitamin K and sends man home. Within 12 hours, man is admitted to hospital with massive bleeding stroke, and dies 8 days later never regaining consciousness.

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