Surgical Injuries

Our lawyers have represented patients injured from errors during surgery.

The following are some typical fact patterns for Surgical errors:

  • Surgeon operated for over 14 hours on multiple elective procedures resulting in 53-year-old patient suffering permanent nerve injuries from remaining in same position throughout surgery.
  • During Cesarean Section delivery, Anesthesiologist and CRNA allowed Mother’s blood pressure to remain dangerously low causing brain damage, multi-system organ damage and death one day later.
  • Surgeon cut structure before identification of structure resulting in 42-year-old patient’s massive bleed, nerve damage and paralysis.
  • Doctors did not re-start 72-year-old patient’s blood thinner medication after surgery resulting in massive stroke and death.
  • Fentanyl and Propofol given to 36-year-old for minor procedure, but when doctor and nurse did not notice patient begin having difficulty breathing, intubation delayed leading to permanent brain damage.
  • 5-year-old patient badly burned during surgery when Surgeon ignited alcohol solution with cautery device.
  • After abdominal surgery, Surgeon did not diagnose 59-year-old patient’s internal bleeding complication resulting in death.
  • During removal of 33-year-old patient’s thyroid gland, Surgeon severed laryngeal nerves necessitating tracheostomy resulting in patient’s loss of ability to speak.
  • Immediately after surgery, Anesthesiologist took 45-year-old patient off ventilator too soon causing hypoxic brain injury.
  • Surgeon performing hernia repair poked a hole in the 47-year-old patient’s intestine resulting in Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (S.I.R.S.), multi-system organ failure and death.
  • Surgeon performed elective surgery without first getting a cardiac evaluation on 72-year-old patient with extensive cardiac history who suffered a heart attack in the operating room and died.
  • Surgeon performs Gall Bladder removal through laparoscope injuring the liver and bile ducts causing severe infection and permanent liver injury to 28-year-old requiring second operation and prolonged hospitalization.

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